Lighting Sales

Wattbar Lighting is a national distributor of quality lighting products for public, commercial, and industrial applications. Indoors or out, we can help you brighten your spaces while saving money on your energy costs and helping the environment. If you have a special need, we would be happy to search our list of manufactures to find the right product for you.

Lighting Retrofits

Wattbar lighting can help you upgrade all of your lights to LED and help you take advantage of local and federal rebates. With our partners in the industry, we will help to audit your facility and provide you with the upgrades needed to bring your facility into the modern lighting age.

Solar Power

Wattbar Lighting will help you utilize the green energy of solar to reduce your energy costs. With our national partners, we will be able to look at your facility and see how much money you could save while helping the environment. Why rely on the grid to generate your power when you can do it on your own!

Fixed Energy Rates

Wattbar Lighting knows that stability in business is important and with knowing what your cost will be for your electric and gas usage, you will be able to better budget your resources. In deregulated markets, Wattbar will be able to provide you with fixed energy rates. Just like your mortgage, having a fixed rate makes more sense than relying on market fluctuations.

Universal Waste Recycling

Wattbar Lighting can help you properly manage your universal waste recycling. Light bulbs, ballasts, batteries, and electronic waste are regulated and require proper recycling. Our national recycling network is available to properly recycle your universal waste and we will provide you with the proper documentation for your records.

Hazardous Waste

Wattbar Lighting can help with the proper disposal of your hazardous waste materials. With our national disposal partners, we will be able to provide you with pricing for the disposal of your hazardous waste.